Digital technologies — including mobile, social media, cloud, data analytics, AI and IOT — are fundamentally changing how users interact with businesses, disrupt traditional business models and open up enormous opportunities for new business models. Businesses across industries, from retailers and banks to telecom and energy companies are being forced to adjust their business models to survive the digital disruption. 40% of Fortune 500 companies are expected to cease to exist in 10 years due to digital disruption.

70% of digital transformation projects will fail

We believe that the ability to deliver more human-like and intuitive experiences, at every touch-point, for every customer, is the single most strategic investment for the modern enterprise. Enterprises must change their business and operating models to deliver such customer experience. The term ‘digital transformation’ is everywhere these days, and every business is experiencing it at some level. But 70% of the digital transformation initiatives are doomed to fail. Traditional approaches to technology delivery just don’t apply anymore and the shift is essential, but where to start? What specifically does your organization need to do to move forward? PriceSenz - led by a few recognized digital practitioners in the industry - can guide you through the digital transformation of your enterprise. You may be at nascent stages or advanced stages in your digital journey, but regardless we can be your trusted partner in realizing your transformation objectives.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery

Staffing Solutions


PriceSenz is uniquely positioned to help enterprises transform their business, operating and technology models in the digital era. Our team of digital practitioners, creative technologists, and engineers are ready to help you in your digital transformation initiatives.

PriceSenz offers comprehensive digital strategy services starting with your enterprise’s digital pulse assessment, conducts gap analysis and recommends appropriate people, process, and technology strategies. We help you define a digital business model that fits your enterprise and help you succeed in your execution by defining appropriate multi-speed IT strategies.
PriceSenz can help you to transform your customer experience to be human-like, intuitive and frictionless. Our services include digital experience assessment, customer journey mapping, UI/UX design and a frictionless experience delivery.
PriceSenz provides agile delivery of digital stack components such as user experience, digital platform including micro services, digital business support systems and legacy systems integration. Our delivery team includes digital talent in various technologies such as Mobile, AI/ML, Big Data, IOT, and Block Chain. We also offer digital talent on-demand where our talent can be embedded into your organization to expedite the shift to become Digital IT.
We assist you in augmenting your digital talent leveraging the best-of-breed talent available in the market. Given our laser-sharp digital focus and industry-presence, we can bring you the talent who not only have the technical prowess and domain knowledge, but also have the right digital culture fit. Our unique hiring process where the market talent pool is vetted thoroughly by our senior Digital practitioners for “Digital Fit” ensures high quality saving you countless hours and money. Our “follow-the-sun” Onshore-Offshore delivery model provides you a trusted partner who can scale easily to meet your demands in a timely manner.



UX Assessment | Market Research | Customer Journey Mapping | Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wire-framing | Prototyping

Big Data Engineering

Data Lakes | Data Migration | Big Data Infrastructure | Big Data Management | Analytics

AI & Machine Learning

ML Modeling and Algorithm Design | Predictive Intelligence | Text, & NLP | Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence and Analytics

Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, & Responsive Apps | Enterprise Mobile Apps | Consumer Apps | Industry Specific Apps

Micro Services & API

API Management Platform | Digital Platform powered by Micro Services | Legacy Integration


Connected solutions for devices, and vehicles | Asset Management | Amazon, Microsoft, Google IOT | IFTTT


Ideation, strategy, prototyping, development and integration of Blockchain solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Leading RPA Tools | Opportunity Assessment | Implementation | Operations Management

Chat Bots

Chatbots and Virtual Agents | Omni Channel Engagement | AI Powered


77% of companies consider a lack of digital skills as the key hurdle to their digital transformation

We understand that there is no difference between your company and your direct competetor, except your people.

We are your trusted advisor and partner in closing the digital talent gap.

Security Policy

At PriceSenz, we strive on Information Security as being part of our DNA rather than it being an afterthought. Security guidelines and procedures are an inherent part and parcel of the fabric of our business processes and operating structures. As part of serving our clients in the Private and Public sector including Fortune 200 companies, we have adopted an array of compliance and reporting procedures that ensure that our services are at par with guidelines that ensure safeguarding Personally Identified Information (PII). The PriceSenz team is also continually trained on how to support critical applications, exchange sensitive data, and enforce authorization requirements in a compliant way.

Quality Policy

Team PriceSenz lives by a set of values defined in the PriceSenz Credo which states: “We don’t settle for anything less than excellence and we hold ourselves personally accountable for results.” PriceSenz believes that our market and stakeholders expect and deserve such an excellent service. We strive hard to continually improve the service we provide by implementing a management system that complies with the international standard for quality - ISO 9001. This includes a commitment to meet the requirements of our clients, learn from client feedback, as well as strict adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. We are also committed to ensuring effectiveness and continuous improvement of the quality system. We believe that only by providing an outstanding quality of service can we achieve our aims of long term success and sustained improvements. All personnel within PriceSenz are responsible for the quality of their work. We have established systems for employee development and training along with a culture of knowledge-sharing and improvement. While we strive hard to provide excellence in our products and services, we recognize that at times, we fall short of our own standards. When a customer complains, we are committed to investigating the issue and to do our best to put right all justified complaints. Our Quality Management System details the policy, organization and procedures necessary to achieve the required standards here


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